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From The Principal

On completion of 75 years of independence and with beginning of a new session during Amritkal- things will change drastically and our country will move forward to become one of the fastest growing economies and enter in the list the developed countries of the world. Fast growth of our country in all the spheres of life and its reputation across the world have instilled a sense of confidence among our young generation which will tread to take the country to greater heights.

The team of DPS Panipat City is enthusiastic to convert the dream of a developed country through imparting the best education among our students and equipping them with new energies, knowledge, skills and infuse in them the flavor of fresh blood & thoughts to ensure a paradigm shift. Undoubtedly, this will demand highest degree of hard work, perseverance and commitment with a firm resolve to accomplish the vision.

Any institution attains recognition and its place in the society with mutual trust of its employees and beneficiaries. The parent body is an integral part of success story of any institution who hands over the reign of their future generation in the hands of teacher’s fraternity and place in them their firm belief for harmonious growth of their offspring’s. The continued involvement, cooperation and motivation of the parents’ community will lead to the accomplishment of individual goal in general and Nation’s goal in particular.

To the students, I would like to urge- Aim high and work hard with perseverance to achieve your intended goal. We, at DPS Panipat City, strives to keep you on track of discipline, ethics, moral values and guide you to the best of our ability to make you a good human being, a law-abiding citizen of this country and prepare you to withstand any stress and strain during your journey to make this country a great nation. I assure you that your ambition will be accomplished through the able guidance of experienced faculty of teachers of DPS Panipat City.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate my belief with this quote: God helps those who helps themselves. So, let’s all join hands to take off on this journey to higher orbits of excellence.

With best wishes to all,


Rohini Dahiya

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