Middle & Senior School Awards - Scholastic & Co-Scholastic

Scholar Badges, Blazers, Blue Ties and Gold Medals are awarded to meritorious students. A commendation certificate is awarded to the students who have shown 15% increase in their overall aggregate after first Summative Evaluation. These students are awarded Scholar Badges/Blazers at the end of the academic year provided they have minimum of 75% of attendance in that academic year. All Students in Class V and above are eligible for Scholar Awards provided they fulfil the criteria for the awards. The awards are given as follows:

First Year 1st Green Badge
2nd Consecutive Year 2nd Green Badge
3rd Consecutive Year Blue Blazer
4th Consecutive Year 1st Blue Badge
5th Consecutive Year 2nd Blue Badge
6th Consecutive Year Blue Tie
7th Consecutive Year 7Gold Medal


(Subject to a minimum of 75% attendance)

Class   Reqd. % in Agg.  Subjects
V-X A1 & above in all the Subject and in aggregate Eng, Hindi/2nd Language, Maths,S.Science, G.Science, 3rd Lang., Computer Science
XI & XII (in all streams) 85% & above As per the stream

Class XII: CBSE School Topper & Successful Candidates in IIT-JEE & Medical Colleges & prestigious degree colleges (as deemed by the management) will be awarded scholarships by the management.

Note: If a student does not appear for EE, G.K and Life Skills exam (Class VI-X), no Scholar Badge will be given. No Scholar Badge will be given to any student who has less than 75% attendance & who has been absent for any Formative Assessment in a year. Scholar Badge will be given according to the above mentioned criteria. To qualify for scholar badge or any other award, the child should be a current student of the school or class XII pass out. Academic excellence is encouraged by certificates, badges, and blazers. To qualify for sports and co-curricular blazer students must be consistently good in a particular field for three consecutive years.

Proficiency Award - Proficiency award is given to a student for scoring the highest marks in any of the core subjects in a particular class.

Commendation Certificates - This award is for students who have shown 15% improvement in overall aggregate after the first Summative Evaluation in an academic year.

Attendance Award - Students with 100% attendance during the academic session. Special award for attendance will be given to the students who have received attendance award for five/seven/ten/fifteen consecutive years.

Certificate of Appreciation - This is awarded to the students for a particular school activity in which they have positively participated and brought recognition to themselves and the school. This activity could include music, dance, art, public speaking, quizzing, dramatics and social service.

Sports Award - Students who excel in Sports at the National and International Level or win special appreciations and commendation for their sporting performance receive a Maroon Blazer in recognition of their excellence in sports.

Co-Curricular Award - Students who excel in a co-curricular activity at the National and International Level or win special appreciations and commendation for their excellent performance in dance, music, singing, debating, quizzing, public speaking, dramatics receive a Grey Blazer in recognition of their excellence.


Sr. No. Description Download
1 1st Blue badge Download pdf
2 1st green badge Download pdf
3 2nd Blue badge Download pdf
4 2nd green badge Download pdf
5 Blue blazers Download pdf
6 Class 12 awards Download pdf
7 Cocurricular awards Download pdf
8 Commendation Awards Download pdf
9 Games 2015-16 Download pdf
10 LIST OF AWARDS Download pdf
11 Proficiency awards Download pdf
12 Proficiency awards for announcement Download pdf
13 REGULARITY AWARD Download pdf