DPS Panipat City junior - a Dream School

DPS Panipat City junior, the feeder school of DPS Panipat City, is a school for parents. For years the parents of Panipat and Sonepat dreamt of a school where their children would enter an environment conducive to learning and to development. They were early awaiting a school of international ranking and stature. For them our school is a dream come true.

We at DPS Panipat City junior believe that the best educational system constitutes not only an academic curriculum but also extra-curricular, social, cultural and sports activities which must be seamlessly interwoven with the academic pursuits for the holistic development of the child.

In the classroom teaching and learning is transacted completely through interactive boards which are a step ahead of smart classes and the first of their kind to be installed in any school in the Panipat district. Students with a keen academic edge have Olympiads, DPSS Examinations and Talent Searches, as well as many other such competitions which increase the students’ appetite for learning. The student teacher ratio is deliberately kept small and there are two teachers in all the junior classes.

Our learning partners, as we like to consider our teachers, believe that they have the most important roles to play in a student’s life. They provide the strong foundation without which no superstructure, however elegant and tall, can stand. Our students are trained at an early age to speak fearlessly and communicate politely, to be adventurous about learning and to embrace new experiences boldly – always within the safety and security of the school nurturing team.

Dignity of labour is what we like to teach our children. Our students take pride in a job well done, however small it may be. DPS Panipat City junior offers a broad selection of extracurricular activities both as an extension of and a complement to the academic programme. Our school provides a plethora of extracurricular activities both before school & after school. These activities sometimes involve the mothers, fathers, grandparents and entire families. We aim for each and every student to become open minded and progressive. The overall development of the child both intellectual and physical is our main concern.

Although it is our vision and mission that impresses our parents and students the most, our infrastructure amazes. The fully air-conditioned junior school boasts of a toddler’s splash pool, a regular swimming pool for budding swimming champions, a cricket field fit for the future stars of the Indian Test team as well as a skating rink. The fleet of air-conditioned school buses ferry our students in comfort and style. Drop in for a visit any time to experience for yourself the best school for your precious little one.