DPS Panipat City, is an outcome of a desire to cultivate talent and create opportunities for the children of Haryana to be on a global platform.

The object of Basic Education is the physical, intellectual and moral development of the children through the medium of different activities."Let education be a sort of amusement; you will then be better able to find out the natural bent in your children."They are like clay which can be molded very easily in the desired shape. We can chisel them and guide them with our loving hands."

Teaching is leaving a vestige of oneself in the development of another. And surely the student is a bank where you can deposit your most precious treasures.

Going by this, at DPS Panipat City we provide our students a firm foundation to build up their lives on. The learning experience is not confined to the curriculum or the four walls of the classroom. In fact it is not the lessons that are brought to the children but the children who are made to take an interesting journey towards the lessons to be learnt. The on-hand experience thus gained at DPS Panipat City, registers deep in their impressionable minds and contributes towards developing a well-balanced personality. The activities at DPS make the children look forward to coming to school rather than develop an aversion. We are always aiming our activities with the motto of providing to our students the 'roots of responsibility' and 'wings of imagination'.

Culturally rich and grounded, at the same time progressive and ready to imbibe 'newness’ describes our onward journey which nearly spans over more than a decade. Memories of those nascent beginnings still resound in every nook and cranny of our school. We are now Ten years young and proudly walk on a path laid down by our management. Overcoming all hurdles the dream has materialized into a name to reckon with.

As years passed by not only did we grow in numbers but we moved from the cusp of 'learning and imparting’ to become a school with a definitive description of our own. Small beginnings with thematic and language teaching, the Whole World approach gave impetus to our innovative teaching style. Programmes which started as a fun activity took gargantuan proportions. Our curriculum was incomplete without festivals, literacy week, sports, visits, grandparent’s day etc. A better building with all the principled amenities saw us growing in numbers, style and stature.

Not the ones to revel only in achievements, we believe in nurturing impartially by giving hundred percent participation in all our functions and annual days. Exercise, theatre, games, academics, and competitions are part and parcel of our daily routine. In the midst of all this, sound values underline the activities so at no time we can ignore the fact that we are Indians first and global citizens later. We believe in a 'Play-way' method of teaching and ensure to make each exercise interesting, using different teaching aids or techniques. We have an established appropriate system whereby each individual feels a sense of justice, love and value. We emphasize on learning through creativity – art, dance and music and maintain practical support, guidance and affirmation for all in the school community. We prepare pupils for their future life in today's world.

Warm Regards