DPS PANIPAT CITY - An Introduction

DPS Panipat City, is an outcome of a desire to cultivate talent and create opportunities for the children of Haryana to be on a global platform. The school is dedicated to maintaining an environment with respect for the individual and an outstanding faculty to foster independent thinking, creativity, responsibility and a strong sense of moral integrity. The campus serves to be a model with environmentally responsible design, with learning spaces, in accordance with global consciousness on pollution control and protection of our planet. DPS Panipat City, has adopted a curriculum, which combines the best of available techniques, tried and tested across the country by various DPS Schools. The campus complements the highest standards in education that DPS stands for, with student - friendly ambience and academically oriented environment, closely supporting curriculum goals.


DPS Panipat City Main School

DPS Panipat City is dedicated for fineness in teaching and education to drive new boundaries for constructive and effective learning. We empower in creating new pillars of conventional thinking to explore new ideas and enabling every student to enrich his level of skills. Our opted curriculum encourages the student to bring about a positive modification in their behavior. Our aim is to lead every student talents and abilities for future growth and development.


Delhi Public School Panipat City
Great Place to Study 2017-18
UK Certification


DPS Panipat City Junior - A Dream School

DPS Panipat City Junior has great staff members who work together to offer significant and high quality curriculum. We aspire to provide the best possible opportunity for learning where children can reach their true potential. We enhance their skills to ensure they can achieve their goals and well prepared to succeed in the future. We provide a positive and caring learning environment for every student that not only encourages its self-confidence but also widen its intellectual development.

An Ideal Environment for Learning

The motto of the Delhi Public School Society is a vivid reflection of the mettle and dedication that goes into the making of a noble institution with a noble mission. It is a constant reminder that the DPS spirit accords greater priority to the welfare of others over welfare of self. Service towards an enlightened path has always formed the basis of DPS a philosophy that reflects a commitment to serve the society willingly, graciously andselflessly.